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For on-line playing you will need this to download :


1) the patch 1.1 for Silent Hunter 2 (size 24 Mb, large i know, if you have a 56 k modem like i do...)

2) the Messerwtser patch (7 Mb)

3) the Stat.exe for eatch month (4 Mb)

4) the Pilot which is protection against cheating (4 Mb)


This all you have to download from the main page of the Wolfpack League 



All files must be install once!!!


When your done with all the files you need to play a game so download the Mirc Sub Club Edition or if you allready have Mlrc the Servers are : ""  or "" , then you add a room called : "#WPL"in the blank bar, press join and thats it!!! 

Due of various problems in the last days please use this address also "" and continue with the procedure

click here to download Mirc Sub Club Edition!!!(1.8 Mb)


Due of new rules in the Wolfpack League, you can play Stat missions on-line with the OSL stats and with the old modified missions. Here is what you need to do


1. Start/add-remove programs/uninstall sh2   to uninstall the old SH2 install
2. Install Sh2 to install Sh2 as normally describe as above
3. Install UBI 1.1 and PM1.03 Patches AS NORMAL...
4.THEN GO TO   my pc/c drive/program files/ ssi/ and copy the entire folder "Silent Hunter 2" so that you have a "copy of ..." name it either sh_2 or what ever name you choose
5. Make a short cut to the shell.exe file within the shell folder for the copied install. Send to desktop. ( Rename it sh_2 or WHATEVER YOU WANT )
6. Install the OSL STATS as normal in the one folder
7. Install the NON OSL STATS to the other folder
8. Now you should be ready to play.
9. Dont forget to click the correct icon on desktop for OSL and NON OSL Stats.


My thanks to U48, for any help about the subject (Try to avoid him in any Stat game if you can, cause he is too deadly for any new players)

1)Installation of the SH patch 1.1. When you first run the Sh2 1.1 patch, a screen appears to setup the program in your computer, just press the NEXT button. In the next screen the program you will show to you various information, just press the NEXT button. The next screen shows you where the patch is going to be installed, if you have your Silent Hunter 2 game elsewhere installed except the default path C:\Program Files\Silent Hunter. If you dont have your SH2 game installed in the path C:\Program Files\Silent Hunter, just press the BROWSE button to find where is your SH2 game installed and press the next button. The program is installing now the SH 1.1 patch in your computer and thats it! In the last screen click on the box Connect to Silent Hunter 2 lobby now to unselect the box, cause the game room in doesnt exist anymore. Just press the Finish button and you ok.

2)Installing the Pm1.03 Messerwetser. In the first screen you will find some useless information, so just press the NEXT button. In the next screen you will need to select where you have you Sh2 game installed besides the Default path, just click to the Browse button. Other wise click to the NEXT button. In the next screen if you want to uninstall the program for some reason just select a file where the old files, which are replaced during the installation, where they should be back up. If you doesnt want this just select NO and press the NEXT button. The next screen shows you where the files are being placed in, just press the NEXT button. The program is now installed. IMPORTANT!!! Read the notes that appearing at the end of the installation to see what changes are made to the game. Close the notes that have appeared and press the FINISH button.

3)Installation of the Stats. In the .zip file you have downloaded from the if you open it you will 2 programs, one for the Destroyer Command players, which we will not need. Double click the file with the name example STAT_SH_Nov_04. The installation begins, in the first screen just press the NEXT button. In the second screen you will see who had written the missions for each month, just press the NEXT button if you have read it. In the next screen click to select the specific folder to install the Stat Program, which must be inside the Sh2 folder. If you have your Sh2 game installed in the default path C:\Program Files\Silent Hunter just press the next button, if you dont click the Browse button to select the Folder, but Caution, when you have found the destination folder, just double click the SSI folder and no more, cause then the files are not installed correctly!!! If your finished with that just press the NEXT button. In the next screen you will to choose if you want back up your files or not. Its recommended that you choose YES (the back up path doesnt play any role here) just press the next button. The Program is installed and just press the Finish button.


Unzip the files in from the file STATPilot v11 in any folder you like. Double click the setup.exe, the program loads and in the first screen just press the OK button. In the next screen the program ask you where the program should install it self, just press the computer icon on the top left of the little screen. The program loads and a screen appears just press the OK or NEXT button to continue. The program is install and a screen pops up for replacing files in FRENCH. Just press the OUI button to replace the files. This window appears twice (2) just click the OUI button also. The program ends and you get an ERROR message, just press the button IGNORE and the button in the end that the installation has finished.

You are now finished with the installations and are almost ready to play online!!!

First of all read the rules of ENGAGEMENT at

Then you will need to get to the WPL room to meet other captains to form a game. When you connect to the WPL lobby you will need to have a nick name, its your choice to select anything you want, but must place besides your name also your WPL number that is given to you, example ASDIC_4514_SUB. If you dont remember it see it in the MASTER LIST at ( (click on MASTER LIST). A game is formed if in the chat room are 2 Silent Hunter players and 2 Destroyer Command players (minimum) and one of the 4 players is a BR or BATTLE REPORTER. This is called a 2v2 game, maximum is 4v4 game. When all is ok the host of the game must give his IP number example, this you will to write it down, to connect to the host if the game. When all is ok the host leaves the chat room to get the game online. Then you will need to start your Pilot and in the box that are the DD players please enter the number of the DD players that are playing example 2v2 its 2, 3v3 its 3 and for a 4v4 game its 4. Press the Start button and the SH2 game starts. In the first screen you will need to get to the menu MULTIPLAYER and press the JOIN MULTIPLAYER GAME button. In the screen that appears you will need to get to the button that says ADD SERVER. In the following screen you will need to enter the number of the IP that you have written down earlier in the second box. In the first box you will need to write on any name you want, even one letter is enough! Then press the TAB button, on your keyboard, to select the OK button and click that. We are now one screen back and just click the CONNECT button and you will wait max 1-2 minutes to connect and thats it!!! You have only to visit the WAR ROOM, for further info.

If you not being able to do the last part of Connecting to the host, just go to your SH2 install folder, go to documents folder open it and run the SH2 MULTIPLAYER file which is in PDF format and read the instructions with photos.

IMPORTANT!!! SILENT HUNTER 2 works only with 40.xx series detonator drivers. It will not work with the newest detonators 60.xx series. I have in my computer 40.71 and it works fine on newest games also. 

Installing the various patches the game will altered very much and has nothing to do with the original version of the game. Dont worry its normal that way, but its much more harder now for all you new players, so ADJUST!!!