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It is truth !

Silent Hunter 4 is going to be released on MARCH 2007 !

After a very successfull campaign with Sh3, and after such a short time its time for the arrival of Silent Hunter 4.

You can find all new info at the SH4 website

But the short version is that the war is "moved" now to the Pacific ocean, where the U.S. subies where fighiting against the great surface naval forces of Japan !

Visit the Sh4 website for more photos, videos and release dates...

Download the recognition poster for US submarines


The ubisoft company recommend this :

To play Silent Hunter you will have a very good updated system, due the superb graphics required by the game.

The minimum requirements to run SH4 would be:

2GHz processor (Pentium IV or equivalent AMD Athlon),
1GB of RAM, DirectX 9 video card with Pixel Shader v2.0, Vertex Shader v2.0 with 128MB of RAM,
DirectX compatible sound card
around 5.5-6GB of space on your HDD.

The game options will allow you to activate or deactivate different visual aspects that can increase or decrease performance.

Of course, in the minimum requirements PC you will run with most options OFF.

A recommended system will have:

3GHz processor,
2GB of RAM,
DirectX 9 video card with PS 3.0, VS 3.0 and 256MB of RAM.


Download recognition poster for Japanese Cruisers

Finally SH4 is out and all the players where excited. Of course the promises where big and so the players have waited and waited and there it is !!

On first touch the game looks just amazing but there some sound and graphics bugs that cause serious of problems. That’s why the team decided to release 2 patches 1.1 and 1.2 . The release of the patch 1.3 is also on the way but its going tot take a little while too.

The graphics in the game are just wonderful. You can almost feel the light breeze of air being on the bridge besides the TBT. The wakes and the damage model are just great. Not to forget the blur effect when you raise your free camera from the deep water to the air.

To experience all these features you need to have a good GCard to be compatible with the game. I personally have an old PC and just to run the game I bought the ATI series Sapphire x1650pro with 256MB ram GDDR3 on a AGP bus. The game performs excellent! And all this with about 100 euros. The rest of the system is 1,6 Ghz overcklocked to 1950Mhz and 1 GB of Ram dual channel on 400MHZ. The performance is actual very good and I am very satisfied with the new Gcard also.

The game has, besides the career and quick battle mode, a war patrol mode which you can perform a mission in a single patrol.

The mission editor is 97% the same with Sh3 and you will have any problem with that.

Now we come to the online mode. The SH4 has a new feature in playing online games. The cooperative mode which as usual players cooperate to sink the convoy and the adversarial mode which one of the player takes control of the convoy and the DDs and tries to evade his fellow team mates. He can control speed and course and general movement of the ships convoy.

And now a quick guide on how you are going to play a game online which is the same with SH3 online playing.

1. Start the game

2. Click on Multiplayer

3. Then you come in to a menu in which you can decide to make a new account, if you have already on or to make one new. If you have a account just type the name and password click on the Log on button and your ready. If you haven’t a account just type the desired name and password, then type your email and click log on. That’s it !

4. The next screen is where you can see what games are available and to join the game just choose you want to join and click on the JOIN button.

5. NOTE : If the game has a password then you need to type the password also to join the game.


You will need, besides the regular info, to learn also this

Submarines Crush Depths:

S Class - Test Depth - 60 m
Pourpoise - Test Depth - 75 m
Salmon Class - Test Depth - 75 m
Sargo Class - Test Depth - 75 m
Tambor Class - Test Depth - 75 m
Gar Class - Test Depth - 75 m
Gato Class - Test Depth - 90 m
Balao Class - Test Depth - 120 m

Torpedo speeds :

Mark 14 torpedo

Slow: 9000yards
Fast: 4500 yards

Graphics issue:

To know the fps on each screen you get just push Ctrl+F8 and a fps counter will appear in the top middle of the screen.

Download recognition poster for Japanese carriers