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SILENT HUNTER 3 is here!!!


Online info

To play online Sh3 compared with SH2, ill tell you its a total different ballgame. You dont need any IP address at all !

All you need to do is just download the patch 1.4 (you can find it on the downloads section of the Sh3 website ), apply the patch, hook up with your buddies the name of the room that you meet, then just start the game !

After the game is loaded you will notice a extra option that says MULTIPLAYER. Just click on it then you must register at (with out leaving the menu). Just type in your nickname and your email address. After the registration has been complete just click the OK button on the bottom right of the screen and you will find yourself in the main server room. Just select the room you and your friends decided to play and click the button JOIN. Thats it your in side the room with picking up your submarine and crew. After that just click the READY button on your bottom right and your host will start the game!

With Silent Hunter 3 released the players have the opportunity to explore a variety of great graphics, from units till environmental options, new tactics and strategic manoveuvers and all that in real time.

The one and only back draw of Sh3 is that there is no possibility to play against human opponents in DDs, as no Destroyer Command 2 has being on the market yet.

We cant have anything in live, can we?

Well here is the story.
The multiplayer patch is needed to play online with other submarine commanders.

CAUTION !!! There are 2 different kind of patches, one for the European version and one for the US version. You can tell which version you have if you just read the DVD package or if you have a pirate copy just explore your DVD and you will find Word documents that they say if you have a US or European version DVD.

After you have download the patch just install and then download the missions from the download page and put the directly in to your sh3 directory. To play online just follow the guidelines from Silent Hunter 2 in this web page, cause they are same. The rules and everything else you can find on and of course via the players that you will chat with them.

Any other suggestions about the game such as tactical and strategic stuff are useless cause they are no Human DDs in the game and the word is

“PLAY AS YOU WISH, AS LONG YOU HAVE FUN ……. sinking a lot of tankers and merchies of course”


Actually to run Sh3 you will need a new Graphiks card (if you dont have one), cause SH3 runs only in the FX series(5000-6000), so if you have a MX Card or older( Ti GeForce is ok) you will need to upgrade the Graphiks card in order to play. The whole Ati series is ok to play with Sh3.

The release date changed from February to March due of various delays but this is the final release date !!!


For more informations, photos and other news about the game just go to the official website of SH3